How do I pay securely on an online dating site?

Good dating sites cost money. Okay! But you do not have to pay more than necessary. That is not okay! With our tips you will not fall for the typical tricks and pitfalls!

Anyone who really wants to get involved in online-dating must, in the long run, take out a fee-based membership. Because there, where you have to pay, are the 60% idiots, who are active on the dating sites, or even not active! Dating sites that cost slightly more, simply have a more sophisticated clientele who want more than to just play around...

But the good thing is: There is also much that is free on fee-based dating sites:

What can you use free of charge GENERALLY?

  • You can register free of charge and use the internal members area.
  • On flirt sites you can even search for other singles.
  • On matchmaking sites you complete a personality test and receive free contact suggestions.
  • You can receive and partially read messages from other singles.

What is SOMETIMES free of charge?

  • All portals for intimate affairs are completely free of charge for women.
  • During campaigns, good dating portals can be used free of charge for a certain time period, for example, 3 days.
  • On some portals you may only make contact if you pay. But even those who do not pay may answer.
  • On so-called „Freemium“ dating portals, it is only extra features, such as virtual gifts, that must be paid for. However, there are too many idiots around...

Why can quality not be free of charge?

Counter question: „Would you want to work without payment?“ Anyone who wants to provide quality is dependent on financial support. As a rule, to operate a 1a dating site, companies need:

  • A good technical foundation to manage its members.
  • A team for fake control & customer support.
  • Advertising on all available channels to acquire even more singles.

Nobody on this planet could set up such a business on „air and love“ alone. It’s simply not possible!

When should you pay?

To begin with, you should be sure that the dating site is right for you. Try out at least 2, better 3 or 4, dating portals free of charge!

And there are advantages in waiting a few days. Because you will receive great special offers by mail:

  • After 7 days: Purchase 4 months for the price of 3!
  • After 14 days: 30% discount on a 6 month package!
  • After 21 days: ...

You’ll be aware of that from other lines of business...

How many months do you want to pay for?

With the large, reputable dating sites, you purchase a communication-flat-rate for X months that gives you the following privileges:

  • Writing emails
  • Reading emails
  • Viewing of all photos

Depending on provider, there are also a great variety of bonus features for premium members.

But for how many months should you subsribe to this flat-rate?

On that point we have the following practical tips:

  • If there is a trial month that is quite expensive: Take it and see what happens before committing yourself long-term.
  • If you are seriously looking, we recommend 6 or 12 months. That is significantly cheaper per month than short-term durations.
  • Anything over 12 months is nonsense!

Which payment method should you use?

All available payment methods are more or less secure. It is important to you that, following the subsribed months, you can be certain that the subscription does not run on indefinitely, resulting in you paying money unnecessarily...

Credit Card: The credit card is, by far, the most frequently used method. In this way you allow the dating site to deduct money. Remember to cancel your contract with the dating site in good time. Otherwise, you will continue to be charged!

Paypal: This is not offered by that many dating sites. Why? Because they cannot raise money as they would like; it can only be actively sent by you. You can easily terminate the subscription in Paypal, just like NETFLIX.

In-App-Purchase : In this way, Apple or Google are the money intermediary between you and the dating agency. You also have good control over your subscription with this method.

It’s always your responsibility to terminate the subscription! If you forget, the payment continues. And goes on and on.

We, therefore, recommend that you send your cancellation immediately following purchase (by email or in the members area) and cancel your payments after 1, 3, 6 or 12 months.

The bottom line: Fear of paying!

Millions of singles have paid money to reputable dating sites and met great people.

Many have, however, been annoyed that they spent more than they wanted to.

Now, that can no longer happen to you!

Petra Frömsdorf
Petra Frömsdorf
Petra has been monitoring the world of online dating sites since 2003. In the media she is considered the leading expert on the topic of "online dating".