The 5 most common mistakes that singles make while taking part in online-dating

Do it better than millions of other singles around the world and avoid the five typical beginners- mistakes that singles commit every day on the online-dating sites.

Online dating sites have existed for more than 20 years. That’s how long humankind has been trying to fall in love online. Has there been identifiable progress for users? No. They are still doing the same things wrong as in 1998.

That is logical to a certain extent, because new singles are always trying their luck on the dating sites for the first time. And they are starting from scratch as far as their experiences are concerned.

As we cannot look any further at this hardship, let’s set out the five most commonly-made mistakes!

1. You have too high expectations

Obviously, we can understand that, with all the advertising promises, your hope of finding new acquaintances, preferably within an hour, is great. We do ask you, however, to approach the whole “Online-Dating” project with composure. You are not ordering “Products” like on Amazon, but are dealing with real people!

You get the chance to meet someone and have the opportunity to arrange dates and fall in love. However, many singles – especially women – start with much too specific requirements:

Petra Frömsdorf
Expert since 2003
Seeking man, 1.90m, brown hair, clean shaven, sense of humour, high earner, popular, must want children…

And that’s where the drama begins! Why? It’s quite simple! The majority of singles already have high requirements of a potential partner at the time of registration. As a result, they find a flaw in every profile and communication. In most cases no date is arranged.

Singles end up feeling frustrated and believe that online-dating does not work.

The solution to that is so easy! Let other people in, before you cast them aside.

2. You do not know what you really want.

Here, we would be quite the opposite. Many singles register on several dating sites, pay and really have no idea what they want. Before registering anywhere, you should first decide what your intention is:

  • Do you want a serious relationship?
  • Or to simply flirt to your heart’s content?
  • Or arrange intimate, non-committal encounters?

If you are aware of what you want, you can easily find dating portals that meet your requirements.

3. False information in your profile

Of course, we all want to show our best side. Who would willingly reveal their weaknesses? Probably no one.

With online dating, though, that can pose a serious problem. With smaller falsehoods concerning hobbies, it can certainly be argued away, but if you cheat when it comes to age, size, weight and profile picture your cover will be blown on the first date…

4. A bad profile picture

It’s not only a falsified picture that will lead to dwindling chances, but also pictures showing impossible poses.

Believe us! We have really seen quite a few and wondered how men, in particular, put such unflattering pictures of themselves on dating sites.

Bear in mind: A picture says more than a thousand words. Make sure that your profile picture does not show you in obscene poses, drunk or in group pictures. That doesn’t go down well!

5. A Desperate profile description

Many online dating sites only allow their users a few words to describe themselves. This, of course, is not always easy and some singles struggle to find the right words.

There is nothing worse, though, than sending clear signs of loneliness, despair and self-defeat. What can a woman expect if she finds a profile with the title…

Petra Frömsdorf
Expert since 2003
Lonely. He seeks to comfort you lovingly

Certainly no man on an equal footing, but a whingeing victim.

So, we hope we have been able to give you a little insight into the no-go’s of the online dating world.

If you should recognise yourself in one or another of these points, you can immediately correct your behaviour and drastically increase your chances!

We wish you much success in your search for a partner on the internet!

Petra Frömsdorf
Petra Frömsdorf
Petra has been monitoring the world of online dating sites since 2003. In the media she is considered the leading expert on the topic of "online dating".