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Online dating personals or matchmaking sites?

Online dating personals or matchmaking sites?
Which one better suits my needs?

Are you also thinking about getting involved in the online partner search? If this is the case, you shouldn't miss this article in which we explain which one of the dating concepts is better for you and your partner search!

When looking for your match, the two most important types of meeting platforms on the internet are flirt/chat sites and online dating agencies. But how do they differ with regards to their procedures? Put simply:

  • Online date personals provide singles with huge numbers of personals (usually with pictures attached) from which they can choose their potential partners according to their personal liking - just as in the past with the lonely hearts column in the newspaper.
  • Matchmaking sites make you fill out a comprehensive psychological questionnaire. Later on, member profiles are aligned by expert algorithms according to comprehensive criteria and possible partners are suggested to you.

You probably think that choosing your future partner cannot be that difficult and flirt and chat portals might at a first glance seem more attractive - especially since most of them are cheaper than dating agencies.

The advantages of matchmaking sites are only becoming more apparent at a second glance:

  • Your anonymity is maintained!
  • Your anonymous profile can only be seen by members to whom it was sent by the dating agency. Running a personal (which should always include a picture of you), on the other hand, almost equals a little soul striptease. This could cause quite a sensation at your workplace or in your circle of acquaintances.
  • More and better information!
  • Sometimes, searching will only provide you with information about the other single that they want you to know. Your expected Prince Charming could end up being a toad!
  • High price = serious search!
  • The possibility of flirting around in a flirting or chat website for a few dollars is frequently made use of by curious people that are open to something new and are looking for fun. Online dating agencies usually charge between 80 and 160 dollars for 3 to 6 months. The price is the reason why most members of dating agencies are serious seekers. And after having paid that much money, one is usually even more interested in presenting oneself extensively and as accurately as possible.
  • To overlook and being overlooked is becoming more unlikely!
  • Dating agency sites are based on personal and psychological criteria. Possible matches are determined with the experience of experts. As a result you might find your perfect match that you might have overlooked in the bulk of dating personals.
  • Everyone is getting one’s share of the single cake!
  • Does the following situation sound familiar? You are at a party with lots of nice people. But it’s always the same: all men are bustling around Julia Roberts with her enchanting smile, offering her one drink after another while the less eye-catching, shy Sue Miller is lonely and standing at the bar. Sam Smith doesn’t attract any attention either because all females are hanging on Tom Cruise’s every word, listening to his stories about his last big-game hunting in Namibia. Flirt sites aren’t an exception concerning this matter. There is always a Tom who never goes home alone and who is bombarded with offers. And Julia already had to open up a second account because her first one was overflowing. There are no objections to that. But ordinary people like us are usually overlooked and come away empty-handed because everyone is darting at the 5% of hotties. Online dating agencies, on the other hand, select totally unbiased, evaluate profiles on the basis of objective criteria and this way achieve amazing results. Dating agencies can thus register a higher success rate than any flirt or chat site.

Our conclusion with respect to online dating personals vs. matchingmaking sites

Good dating agencies provide you with a reasonable chance to find a suitable life partner. You clearly need less time for the search since matchmaking sites are taking quite some work off your shoulders. The higher price is therefore justified.

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Flirt and chat sites provide an excellent possibility to get to know other singles quickly. Such portals are particularly attractive for singles who enjoy flirting online. However, finding a solid relationship is not the priority of every dating website member. Some just use online dating as a relaxed possibility to flirt.

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