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Where to find a girlfriend

Where to find a girlfriend

Why is it that there are so many men having trouble finding their match?

Are they just asking the universe "Find me a girlfriend!" but not doing anything about it?

We provide you with a few tips about how and where to find a girlfriend

How and where to find a girlfriend

There are millions of single men worldwide and in the USA - some are happy being single but most of them aren’t. Humans are social beings and want to find a girlfriend, usually arising in our youth, is predestined and important for the preservation of humanity. But why is it that there are so many men having trouble finding their match? Are they just asking the universe "Find me a girlfriend" but not doing anything about it? No love poems? On average, there are as many single women as there are single men. And it’s quite sure that there is not just one good match for each man but several - and vice versa. So let’s look at this issue a bit more deeply...

Why do some guys just know where to find a girlfriend?

For some it seems easier to find a girlfriend while others often come away empty-handed. Is it that some just know where to look while others don’t? Before the era of the Internet, it was rather difficult for stay-at-homes to get to know new people. So the first step to find a girlfriend was to just go out. Nowadays, the Internet and it’s numerous dating sites have made it easier also for stay-at-homes and very busy people to meet new people and look for a girlfriend. So, going out or online is the first step... but not the only one!

Tips on how and where to find a girlfriend

If you’re eager to find a girlfriend but haven’t been very successful yet, the following tips might help you find a girl that suits you:

  • Tip 1: Just practice and talk to women even if you’re not interested in them as a girlfriend. Increasing experience will give you confidence and make you more relaxed. Confidence is a crucial key to success!
  • Tip 2: Be yourself! You want to find a girlfriend that matches your true self and not someone that you’re not, right? So, stay true to yourself when getting to know potential girlfriends. A positive side effect of being yourself is that you’ll be more relaxed and you’ll seem much more confident. Girls like confident men!
  • Tip 3: Don’t babble pointlessly! Listen carefully to your counterpart (looking into her eyes at best!) and try to connect what you say to what she said. Try being honest and include some (but not too many!) personal aspects, such as feelings and personal stories, when talking.
  • Tip 4: Make genuine compliments. Girls like being complimented - but only in an honest way. Compliments can but don’t always have to be physical; try, for example, to find positive aspects about her character as well.
  • Tip 5: Be patient. As we have seen in the above mentioned, we can do a lot to positively influence our search for a girlfriend but we also have to surrender to the run of events to a certain way. Trying to control the situation too much produces tension and might even be counterproductive. Getting the impression of a guy of being desperate to find a girlfriend is rather deterrent - especially for the girl you’re interested in. ;)
Good luck with the search for your girl!
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