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Date: 11. October 2016

Don't Want to Miss Out?:
FOMO Could Be Ruining Your Dating Life!

Many of us know the term "FOMO" as Fear Of Missing Out, a rather strange phenomenon which has become even more prevalent thanks to the rise of smartphones and the "constantly connected" culture that we have. This is exacerbated even more when singles consider dating apps such as Grindr, Tinder and Bumble: as well as the multitude of different online dating sites that are out there, including the high-quality matchmaking sites which send new matches on an almost daily basis. So, whether you're on Match.com or eHarmony, Rachel Thompson of Mashable has discovered that FOMO could be putting a bit of a damper on our dating lives!

Thompson, who lives in London, stated that she was happily sitting in the Tube minding her own business and listening to music on her phone. That was when her eyes wandered to the Bumble icon on her screen. A favorite of hers, the self-proclaimed feminist dating app was something she hadn't checked in over a week or so... Quite long for online dating. At once, she remembered the multitude of notifications and messages that she was getting but had forgotten about due to being in work.

Swiping Most Frantically in the Name of Love

This is where FOMO hit: Rachel suddenly realized that she had not replied to a few potential dates who could've turned into something special and amazing. Naturally, the panic set in. Leaving her tram, the swipin began and Rachel gazed at the various dead conversations she'd begun and then forgotten about. Some of her swiping was an attempt to resuscitate these conversations, others were simply trying to get the attention of a new potential beau.

No matter how much she did this, though, Rachel couldn’t help but think that this wasn’t helping the FOMO anxiety she was building up.

FOMO: A Monster of Many Faces

FOMO has a lot of aspects. Many singles worry that even a single message they miss is an opportunity gone out the window... a potentil boyfriend, girlfriend or lover who could possibly have changed the course of their entire lives. And all of this, simply because they were off doing something else (baking pumpkin pie, going to the grocery store, painting faces on cucumbers... we're not ones to judge!).

In essence, however, Rachel says that FOMO is ultimately the fear that... "I'm the only one not capitalising on the wealth of potential matches because I'm too busy, too tired and, let's be honest, too lazy to put in more effort."


Source: Mashable.com

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