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Date: 27. September 2016

Spotify and Tinder Team Up:
Singles Can Now Browse Each Other by Music Tastes

Some of us are particular about our music: certain singles may refuse to date someone who loves Taylor Swift, for example. If your ultimate fear is running into a person like this ona  dating site or app then have no fear: Tinder and Spotify have you covered. Both platforms have decided to team up in order to make your profile that little bit more interesting.

It's now possible to create a Tinder "anthem" by putting an autoplay song on your profile, which is played via Spotify. Your potential dates will hear this and then be able to make further judgments on whether or not you're a good match. If you want to go into more detail, then simply upload some of your top artists (this is a feature you can control, however - so have no fear!).

Tinder and Spotify: In the Making for Years

Sean Rad, the CEO of Tinder, explained to the Business Insider that a fear such as this has been on the cards for years. According to the CEO, one's musical tastes are often a big aspect of what attracts singles to one another. According to him, this is down to the fact that people tend to socialize around music that they like. As a result, being able to see what sort of music a person listens to can help show more of their personality.

Tinder Musc: Two Benefits

Rad says that when it comes to Tinder, it has always been good at making introductions. The challenge, however, is keeping up an interesting conversation that will eventually lead to a real-life date. Music can be used as one of those topics to start a chat on. According the CEO, it's important to ensure that there is a lot more room available to help people create message with more than just "hi".

The second benefit can be a little more difficult to define: to see just how one’s music taste can define compatibility romantically. Sociological studies were cited by the Tinder CEO which said it made a difference, though it is not know how much of an impact it actually has. It is therefore a great idea to understand the role that musical compatibility actually has in romantic relationships and is something that will help Tinder in the long run.

The second benefit, however, can be a lot trickier to put into words: basically, Tinder is trying to determine just how much of an effect music has when it comes to things like romantic compatibility. Though it does make a difference (according to various sociological studies, Rad says), no one really knows just how much of an impact it really has. Gathering data like this will help Tinder to learn it better.

Already a lot of singles stated that music affects the kind of people they date. Tinder is therefore going to gain a lot of data and be able to determine whether or not this is true.


Source: Business Insider

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