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Dating Sites for US Swingers

In all honesty, swingers dating was not something we thought would be that big... How wrong we turned out to be! Swinger dating sites receive well over 1,000,000 visitors a month. If that's not proof that the swingers' market isn't something worth taking into consideration, we don't know what is.

Simply scroll down and take a look at the list below. There is bound to be something to whet your appetite.

Swinger Dating Sites Tips

Wider radius search!
Since swinger dating sites don't have as many members as mainstream ones, you shouldn't limit your search to only your area.

Design is secondary!
Many operators of swinger dating sites aren't programmers themselves. But don't be put off by the site’s appearance; the content is what matters and is usually put together very carefully.

Dating for Swingers

The best dating sites for US swingers



The World's Largest Swingers' Date Club!

Link: www.sdc.com

Rating: 5

SDC.com describes itself as the world's largest swingers community. That's probably true too! At least, this website platform established in the Netherlands in 2000 is the clear market leader in terms of "swinger travel." About 10 times a year complete hotel facilities, cruise ships or similar are rented to create an undisturbed place for several hundred swinger couples. Wow!

SDC.com is clearly number one in many European countries and is proud of their more than 3 million registrations.

This swinger dating site looks a little old-fashioned but don't let that fool you. Because in terms of "search", "Member Profiles", "Member Videos" and blogs, private event directory, check authenticity, ... SDC is pretty far ahead in our test!

Everyone should form their own opinion at sdc.com - those who put some effort into their profile can do that for a week completely free! Single men are clearly in the minority (under 20%). Many users have created great profiles and are friends with each other - you can see at first glance that it is mostly the experienced swingers who are the ones who clearly know what they want.

So it is rather the exception that in the profiles on "Partner exchange" there's a "maybe" or "probably not" ticked. For most SDC.com swingers that's part of the standard repertoire!

  • Sign up and make your profile for free.
  • SDC.com's prices start at $8.33/month.

Short review sdc.com


Where people come for fun

Link: www.theadulthub.com

Rating: 3,5

Although TheAdultHub.com is not just about swingers we decided to include it among these other swinger dating sites because it seems to put more focus, efforts and information about swinging than about just adult contacts. Here you can mingle with other US swingers, of which there are 1.8 million users on the site, and have fun both off and online :).

You can browse and search members and communicate via chat rooms, forums, blogs, video chat and via mail.

At The Adult Hub you can find a directory of US swingers clubs and party reviews, though in this case, you cannot sort by town or postal codes (they are all mixed up).

Expect sexually explicit photos in profiles: so don't visit this site at work or in front of kids ;-). Couples usually use an avatar as profile picture, so you don't know how they really look like unless you are a paying member.

TheAdultHub does have the nicest web design we have seen among the dating sites for swingers.

The profile details validation feature gives other members peace of mind when approaching new singles/couples for a swinging date.

  • Profile creation and sign up are free.
  • Full access from $9.16/month.

Short review TheAdultHub.com


...Fun, free & fabulous

Link: www.fabswingers.com

Rating: 2,5

Fabswingers.com came out a couple of years later (2006) than the ones above and established itself as the free swingers site. Fab Swingers is a community space for swingers in the UK, USA and other English-speaking countries (so you can expect many more members, but not all from your country). It offers profiles, blogs, groups and the features you would expect from a swinger networking site.

YYou can browse 17,000 swingers and search meetings listings, browse organised events, add a new FabSwinger meet, check the swingers club directory, participate in forums, chat via webcam...

Expect sexually explicit photos in profiles, erotic toys advertisements, so don't visit this site at work or in front of kids ;-)

The main issue we have with this site is that it proclaims itself to be THE free swingers dating site, while in reality you still have to pay to use all features, as with other dating sites.

  • Sign-up for free.
  • Extra features such as text message, phone calls, eliminating advertisement... from $5.

Short review Fabswingers.com

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Information About "Dating for Swingers in the USA 2018"

The USA has always had a penchant for swingers, or so it seems! What was once thought to be the domain of a select few people in society now turns out to be a rather large and exciting trend. Swingers and swingers clubs are quite easy to find, and swinger dating sites have a very high number of members.

Swinging is quite popular in the USA.

Before you take a step into the swingers’ scene, it may be a good idea to familiarize yourself with the ‘culture’. Swinging is not necessarily a free-for-all: couples themselves are going to have specific rules about who can do what and to whom. After all, every swinger couple is different when it comes to dating.

The Online Swingers Scene

Since going online, the swingers’ scene has changed a lot. Clubs in the past were strange, eccentric places which could be difficult to find. Nowadays, with a few clicks of a mouse, you can find out where local swingers meet and find out various events, parties and meet ups.

Find Like-Minded People from Your Area

Finding swingers online is a lot easier than in real life. Simply having a good online platform will allow you to take a look at the options and choices that you have in your local area. The biggest challenge here, for many beginners at least, is actually meeting up in person. Often it is easier for couples: after all, you have one another to support if it gets a little weird.

Swinger Sites: What Can They Bring?

Swinger dating sites can end up being tacky, but there are actually quite a lot of good ones out there as well. They offer more than just the likes of profiles, however: you swinger events, parties, clubs and communities are all advertised. There are even swinger travel sections. The list is seemingly endless! There are often XXX sections (a “swingers tube”, if you will) and more.

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